{friday finds: pop-up books}

Remember how exciting pop-up books made reading as a kid? The story would completely come to life. The fact that you could touch and play, instead of just listen and look, was so much better. Don’t you still freak out when you see a great pop-up book? {If you say no, I swear I’ll slap you silly, because I know if I dangled a pop-up book in front of you, you couldn’t help but squeal in delight. Even a grown man would get nostalgic and misty eyed. It’s a fact.}

Below are several videos of some great pop-up books. {If you are viewing this in e-mail, you must visit the site to see the videos.}

Also, the Little Prince is available as a pop-up book! I bought this one for Munchkin a few days ago. It’s beautiful. Expect pictures on the blog soon!

Apparently, Peter-Pan is also available as a pop-up. I have yet to see this one in person, but I’d like to! Munchkin had a Peter Pan obsession for awhile, so perhaps I’ll get it for him, too.

This one is obviously for me, since I don’t have a daughter. I’ve seen this one many times. My best friend and I drooled over it. There were so many little bits to explore. Absolutely gorgeous.

Do you have a favorite pop-up book? I’d love to know!

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2 thoughts on “{friday finds: pop-up books}

  1. I adore pop-up books and have just bought one about Imperial China. Another favourite is the type of book where you pull a tab that turns in a circle and the picture gradually changes. So magical! I just found a Christmas one, and it is stunning! Wendy xxx

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