{giveaway: book city jackets}

Bookworm that I am, I’ve been waiting for this one. Three lucky {Bits of Beauty} readers will each win a set of book covers from Book City Jackets! If you win, you can pick any set you want.

Want to win one?

Leave a comment telling us “What would be the name of your biography?”

Contest ends at midnight EST on December 20, 2009. Jeremy will pick his three favorite answers, and we will announce the winners in a post early next week. Bon Chance!

Cant wait to get your hands on a set? You can order them here. As a holiday special, you get free shipping if you buy at least two sets and $5 off any order of $50 or more. Use code BCJ2009.

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45 thoughts on “{giveaway: book city jackets}

  1. i love these! interestingly enough, everyone on the train in japan had their books wrapped. talk about a love for privacy. contrasted with americans, who love to flaunt what they’re reading.

    my biography would be entitled, “woolgathering & miscellany”… hah! how boring and predictable!
    .-= gracie´s last blog ..12.16.09: Gratitudes =-.

    • As an English major the wording of this has been bugging me. The name of my biography would be: “Anyhow, I Had a Glorious Time.”

  2. My biography would be called simply “Ferfie”. The typical nickname for Jennifer is “Jenn” or “Jenny” but in an effort to be different my sisters started calling me by the last half of the name, “Fer” and it stuck. It’s evolved into things like “Ferfer”, “Ferster”, “Ferburger” and my favorite, “Ferfie”.
    I LOVE these jackets, LOVE.

  3. My biography would be called “In the Corner, In the Spotlight”. Its the title of my blog and comes from one of my favorite songs, “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M. I also think it describes me well, as I’ve always been a very social person and involved in a lot of things, but also very shy and timid when first getting to know people or when first experiencing something new. So, “that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight…”

  4. Thanks for hosting this contest! The book jackets are so cool! My book would be titled “Silicon Valley Girl” or “Sex in the Suburbs” or maybe “How to date a Software Engineer”

  5. “Mac and Cheese and Me”….

    “One Woman’s Journey from Kraft Shells and Cheese, to Truffle Smoked Gouda and Handmade Open-Faced Ravioli… and Back Again”

  6. I love these book covers!

    Hmm, the title for my biography. That’s a tough one. “Saint Louie Woman” would be a good one or “The Life and Trials of the Girl Engineer”!

  7. Terrific book covers! I am a book worm and never without one – these are perfect as my books are always in my purse and on the go! Bio – Forty and Feelin’ FINE

  8. My biography would be named “Born Lost” after the Steinbeck quote “I was born lost and take not pleasure in being found.” I think that would represent my wanderlust pretty well :)
    .-= Amelia´s last blog ..Born Free =-.

  9. I’ve been thinking about his exact question for years now and recently came up with “ABC – Acceptence By Compliance”. Growing up in a super strict home, it was the only way I could get by.

  10. My biography would be called “Where in the World is Melissa?” Being married to military, we move around so often that even family has trouble keeping up with my current address!

  11. My biography would be called “Domestic Kate”. I aspire to be more and more domestic in my life…following blogs and trying news things helps me in this!

  12. The name of mine would be “Uncovering Pandora’s Box”

    I always feel like my life is one step away from the “real world”. The darkness of it is boding, yet I do not try to run away from it. As I started college, I feel myself trying to uncover all the facades of myself and the world, whether or not it is “terrible”

    I haven’t reach the real world yet, but in my life up to this moment, I am still trying seek what I do not know; I am still trying to uncover the Pandora’s Box.

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