{chanel & a bit of history}

Say what you want about Karl Lagerfeld, but you must admit he’s a design genius. Chanel has always been about the details and finishing; Karl is certainly continuing that legacy.

With all the hype around Chanel last year, both current and past {think Coco Chanel movies}, it’s hard to imagine Chanel as anything but extraordinary and luxurious. That wasn’t always the case, particularly in the time between Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s death and the time that Lagerfeld stepped in.

The Chanel we know today is the direct result of Alan Wertheimer and the outrageous Lagerfeld. Wertheimer is responsible for persuading Lagerfeld to jump ship at Chloe and join Chanel. It is because of Wertheimer that Chanel No. 5 is en vogue again; it was once selling at drugstores and considered out of date. Interesting, no?

images via style.com edited for {bits of beauty}

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7 thoughts on “{chanel & a bit of history}

  1. He is a genius. I’m never sure if people really understand that they’re watching history in the making. So very Chanel, isn’t it? (Don’t you think she would have loved it?)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous blog. Lovely to meet you @the Forum!


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