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In all the catch-up, christmas tree decorating, gift-wrapping, giveaway preparing madness that was the holidays, I managed to stumble across Erica Shires‘ photography. It was a moment of peace and instant calm. I suddenly was in a cool bedroom somewhere north of here in a cotton gown, sleep still in my eyes, looking out the window with a sliver of sun beaming in. A hot cup of chai tea was waiting in the hands of my deliciously rugged and handsome lover… “PING” and there goes my blackberry. Alas, I was only daydreaming about the world in which the characters of Erica’s photos live.

Obviously, I was sold. I became an instant fan, so after silencing the pesky blackberry, I contacted her to see if it was okay to use her images in a post. I received a prompt response and Erica was kind enough to send me some of her polaroid cards and a set of her postcards. Yay, mail! I love getting little goodies in the mail. {Seriously people, send me stuff. Postcards, letters… Anything is better than bills.}

These polaroid cards were done for Erica Tanov‘s gorgeous line of clothes. {Oh, expect a blog post about that, too!}

The polaroids are charming, but these postcards were my favorite. Each of the images below has a different postcard back. All of them look like they are deliciously old and french. I want to mail them out and hoard them at the same time. I’m buying a corkboard to hang in my room, just so that I can pin these to it.

Sigh. Yet, another reason to visit Brooklyn.

{p.s.} I’m not sure if you can order the postcards or if they are only for promotional purposes. I’ll find out and let you all know… because I know you are going to ask.

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