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Our guest today is Michelle of Blue Moss. Michelle makes lovely jewelry with materials sourced from vintage bits, which she mixes together to make unique pieces. Back in May, she donated a pair of earrings for my impromptu mother’s day giveaway. She’s a kind heart and down to earth. Take a look at her list and then take a moment to think of your ow. Then, you can see her blog here or visit her etsy shop.

i love getting mail
….all kinds. i love letters, and packages, and magazines (i would buy them by the truckload if i could), and catalogs, and even some junk mail if it comes in pretty envelope.

i love car trips
if we have a free day, i love jumping in the car and going somewhere. I like being in the car and just talking, and relaxing, and even snoozing as much getting to the destination.

i love new shoes….and boots
they are my absolute favorite purchase.

i love my family….
they are what make me smile.

i love thrifting….
you never know what fabulous little thing you will find.
Iam totally in love with giving a new life to something that has been discarded or forgotten.

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