{everyday beautiful life: this is glamorous}

With all the madness of the past few weeks {including this blog being hacked}, I’m happy to be getting back to blogging. I’m especially excited to get this series going again. What better way to resume the series than with the blogger who first inspired me to blog? Our guest today is Roseline of This Is Glamorous. Her amazing blog never fails to take my breath away, as I’m sure it does yours. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I do. Here are a few things that make her life everyday beautiful…


. . . film tickets from late-summer nights, blowing kisses in photo booths, champagne corks from momentous occasions, stacks and stacks of faded photographs and love letters tied with ribbon — a hopeless romantic and at times all together too sentimental, tend to keep small remembrances of beautiful moments . . .

{the ocean}
. . . what is it about the lull of crashing waves and soft, sandy shores that seem to fill sunlit afternoons with reveries and endless possibilities?

this is glamorous traveling for bits of beauty

. . . whether it’s a weekend away or a week in paris, taking in the moments of life in a far-off place is one of the loveliest things . . .

this is glamorous

{little luxuries}
. . . a weekly bouquet of hollywood cerise roses or a new pair of heels, a summer picnic or a handwritten letter, vintage champagne or being lost in daydreams — little luxuries are like moments of repose in the midst of busy days . . .


{being in love}
. . . it is said to make the world go round and is by far the best thing of all . . .

{images: 1 – here; 2 – here; 3 – here; 4 – here; 5 – here}

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12 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: this is glamorous}

  1. I love This is Glamorous and this was such a nice post to get to know the author better. Thank you for sharing with us!

    I am new to your blog and I love it so much – definitely coming back.


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