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Dress Design Decor: the name about sums it up. It’s blog that shares anything beautiful that falls into one of those three categories and a recent addition to my google reader. The author, Canadian based graphic designer Daniella, is our guest today. Daniella shares with us 5 everyday beautiful things about her favorite time of year: Spring.

I live for Spring. I just think it’s the most beautiful season of all, as the grass gets greener, flowers start popping up, the temperatures rise, and everyone starts to gather outside again. It’s such a pretty sight to see…

1. Walks in the sunshine… Its feels so good to be outside again with the sun warm on your skin and a light breeze in the air. Perfect for romantic rendezvous.

2. Flowers… be it a bunch of tulips from the framer’s market or a few wildflowers from the forest, this little luxury sitting in a pretty vase in my home always brings a smile to my face.

3. Breakfast on the balcony… I love sitting out on the balcony each spring, for a quick breakfast in the morning or long, lazy brunch on the weekend. It’s nice to start you day off quietly “waking up” outside before you have to rush off to work.

4. Picnics… I think picnics are always a beautiful thing. There’s just something about packing up the perfect lunch with pretty plates, cutlery, napkins and more. It’s a great way to spend some time with a loved one, enjoying what nature has to offer. I’m determined to find the perfect picnic basket this year.

5. Bistros… Outdoor dining is ideal for those early spring days. All of a sudden everyone is outside, as patios and sidewalks fill with people looking to enjoy a cup of coffee or a light lunch. Is there anything more picture perfect that savouring a yummy latté watching passersby?

I hope everyone takes advantage of the spring weather to come… it always seems to take forever to arrive and just a second to fly by before Summer hits. Enjoy the beauty of Spring while you can!

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