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Our guest today, Jess Constable, has one of the most refreshing blogs out. Her blog, Makeunder My Life, is all about what she calls “designing a life with intention.” The idea is to scale back in order to focus on what you really want. In no way does this mean being a minimalist, but instead, it seems to me that this is about finding a happy balance for every person. All this makes here an ideal guest for our Everyday Beautiful Life series. Here, Jess shares 5 things that make her life everyday beautiful.

1- Erwin – Erwin, my boyfriend is a constant source of smiles and support.

2 – Chevron Paintings – These paintings were a great DIY that were super easy but also add glam to my studio. I love looking at them everyday while I work. This pattern has actually inspired my new Spring jewelry collection coming out in April as well.

3 – Flowers – I have a weakness for buying a mixed bouquet at Trader Joes and then putting each type of flower in it’s own mini-vase and scattering them around my apartment. It spreads the beauty to four or five different spots.


4 – Noble Tree – This is a great coffee shop to do work. I love the indie-vibe and eclectic decorating.

5 – Cheesy Oatmeal – Though it certainly may not look beautiful to most, I adore adding cheese to steel cut oats for breakfast with pepper flakes. It’s something I look forward to every morning and brightens my day.

photos by Jess Constable

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