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Blushing after this lovely mention in Mrs. Lilien’s Pisces inspired post. And, to continue with the Pisces inspired goodness, I’ve got a giveaway for all my fellow fishies.

One lucky Piscean will win a zodiac crystal necklace from Urban Outfitters. FYI – The backside has the constellation with stars marked in crystals.

To enter:

Leave a comment below with your birthdate and why you love being Piscean.
Tweet this post for an extra entry {tag @bitsofbeauty}

Giveaway ends at midnight EST on March 20, 2010

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31 thoughts on “{pisces giveaway}

  1. Because I AM two fishes swimming in opposite directions. I am always two different people at all times. AND I LOVE IT, I am an artist, a gypsy, a wonderlust finder.

  2. February 28!

    I love my birthday because everyone makes a comment on it about almost being born on Leap Year. I am a total Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions. I love music, art, traveling, day dreaming, non conforming but also like organization and sometimes conforming. I think my favorite thing is being about to empathize with people’s feelings and the need to help those around me.

  3. I am a Pisces to the core, a romantic dreamer who loves anything creative :)

    March 18th is m b-day.
    Gorgeous pendant! Thanks!

  4. February 20th

    Intuition and emotion guide me when I feel indecisive, creativity and compassion for others lead me to try things I might otherwise be too shy to accomplish, being trusting and easy-going balances my fickle nature and escapist tendencies. I love being a pisces for the wisdom a sensitivity to the spiritual universe brings.

  5. March 20th!

    My birthday is the very last day of the zodiac and if you follow the meaning of the zodiac calendar this makes me and others born on the 20th the oldest souls. I have a very eclectic personality with a balance between creativity and logic. What I truly love about being a pisces is that pisces have amazing connections with their fellow pisces that is why my best friends are all pisces.

    Happy Birthday to Me and to You!!!

  6. Today March 12th is my birthday. Too old to be young too young to be old lol. My personality is true to the pisces descricption.

  7. My birthday is March 12 — today for 3 more minutes. I love being a pisces because I feel pisces are both balanced and emotional people. Plus I love water like a fish!

  8. march 2 :)

    I love being a dreamer! Some might think it’s a negative but I embrace it!

    George Harrison said it best: “I’m a Pisces Fish and the river runs through my soul.”

    love your site xx


  9. march 2 :)

    i love being a dreamer! some might think it’s a negative but i embrace it!

    George Harrison said it best: “I’m a Pisces fish and the river runs through my soul.”

    thanks! love your site xx


  10. How lucky am I to have stumbled upon your great blog and find this awesome giveaway?! My birthday is March 7 and I love being a Pisces because we “go with the flow.”

  11. I have always been a dreamer but what I love most about being a pisces is that no matter how many dreams are disolved by the reality that outside influences press on me the optimistic quality of dreams always prevails. I am constantly inspired to keep trying and as a result I accomplish more than most people around me. I believe that it is because of this I will experience and appreciate as much as is possible in a lifetime.

    Birthday: March 9th :)

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