{random acts of beauty: pothole gardens}

I love these little pothole gardens.

The first thing that popped in my head was “How cute!”

The second was “Why would anyone plant a garden in a pothole? It’ll just get run over.”

But, then I thought about how often we don’t do things because we’re afraid of what will happen. We’re afraid all our effort will have been lost. We think it’s a waste of our time, so we don’t create. We deny the world of something beautiful, of our efforts, because we’re afraid! When you sum it up, nothing lasts forever. We might as well say we won’t live our lives because it will end someday.

Which we won’t, because that would be silly. Now, doesn’t it seem sillier NOT to plant a garden in a pothole?

images {via} apartment therapy

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7 thoughts on “{random acts of beauty: pothole gardens}

  1. When I first saw these, I thought that too. But you’ve made a good point. What a lovely zen sentiment. It’s a little like cooking – laboring over something just to eat it, but isn’t the eating worth it? and honestly, isn’t the labor worth it? thank you for this.

  2. this is my most favourite post that i’ve read on any blog in a while! this is SO true! i can’t say how many times i haven’t done something because i dont have faith in humanity- but i think i should put that aside and realize that there ARE good people, and i shouldn’t ever do something because i might be scared of the result!

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