{vogue enfants}

There are no words for the cuteness…

In other news, somewhere in NY, a fashionista is buying a striped cardigan, a tulle skirt, legwarmers, and black ballet flats.

vogue enfants paris

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4 thoughts on “{vogue enfants}

  1. hey
    just wanted to say I LOVE your blog!!! Thought you might want to check out the photography of british photographer amberly valentine (www.amberlyvalentine.com) – her work is beautiful (a bit like tim walker’s) and she makes all the dresses, props and sets herself.
    best wishes
    sally-anne xxx

  2. So pretty.
    I was kicked out of ballet class as a child because I was a daydreamer. I kept staring off into space during dance practice.
    It broke my heart… I’m still a daydreamer though… and proud of it!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.
    Love your blog!

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