{bit of beauty: by the sea}

I’ve recently acquired a hammock in which I’ve spent a good deal of time with Ms. Lola by my side. In my childhood, I often laid on a hammock listening to the wind whisper through the pines and the windchimes ring until I fell asleep. I still enjoy swaying a few feet from the ground, but feeling as if I were a hundreds of feet up in a cloud. All the times I’ve spent swaying in a hammock, I wish to do so by the sea. Yes, I have not had the opportunity to relax suspended above the sand or on the porch of a beach house, despite my living in Florida. It’s a shame. I’ll have to remedy this…
david bellemere for marie claire italia

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8 thoughts on “{bit of beauty: by the sea}

  1. I have a hammock, but nowhere to hang it! I’ll just have to look at these pretty pictures and dream about swinging in my hammock on the beach.

  2. Oh yes I Lurve hammocks!!! We have one in our backyard under these huge pine trees . . . I like to just sit out there and daydream or read a good book, there’s just nothing like it!

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