{giveaway: summer survival kit}

There’s a wicked heat wave sweeping through the Northeast and crazy humidity here in the South. It is not skin friendly weather. {Seriously, I’m breaking out right now.}

Lucky for you, the folks at Dr Perricone skin care like to give goodies away. One lucky reader will win the Summer Survival Kit, which includes the Citrus Facial Wash, High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift and No Foundation Foundation. {Value of approximately $125!}

Now, I’ve told you before how my sister and I were on the Perricone Promise Diet, which really isn’t a diet at all. It’s just a very healthy {and tasty} way of eating. Our skin never looked so good. {I need to stick to that healthy eating, but that’s a whole other post. Damn cookie habit…} So, I can vouch that his skin care solutions are great.

So, back to the part about you winning stuff. Here’s what you gotta do:

To enter just leave a comment telling me why you want or need the Summer Survival Kit.

This contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada. Contest ends on Thursday July 22nd at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on July 23rd.

Good luck!

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37 thoughts on “{giveaway: summer survival kit}

  1. My skin sucks and it does so that much more in the summer! I have been trying to take away the sweat and the humidity every summer by trying different products and they just seem to dry my face out. I have to put pounds of moisturizing lotion on which defeats the purpose so I end up with oily skin again. It’s a non-stop horrible cycle! I could really use a Summer Survival Kit!

  2. I’m turning 31 this summer, and it shows! Gone are the days of youthful, soft skin, and instead it has been replaced with really painful dry skin. I’m still looking for the right thing to slather on it that will make it soft and supple again. Maybe this stuff is the trick?

  3. OMG, how much space do I have to write in ?! :) Kidding, but for some reason this summer I am really having a hard time, either my skin is too oily, or (as in right now), I am peeling with dryness. I keep trying all sorts of different products and haven’t found that perfect fit yet. I think my husband is about ready to stage an intervention and not let me buy anything else. However…if I won something…well, then. That’s different right?

  4. I would love this! My skin is combination and it often freaks out in the summer– I would love to give Dr. Perricone’s products a try!

  5. I could definitely use a summer survival kit! I recently moved and I think I must have hard water or something, but it’s just not cooperating well with my skin. :(

  6. This summer my face has been flaky and dry in the morning and oily by the afternoon! It is like my skin has a split personality. Maybe Perricone’s regime will help! Thanks!

  7. My skin has not been happy traveling across blazing hot Europe with whatever travel sized skin products I can get my hands on. The summer survival kit would be a perfect welcome home from a long journey. Plus it would help get my skin back in tip top condition for my first post-grad job interviews!

  8. I would loooove this skin treatment so I can worry LESS about my skin and worry MORE about living beautifully and meaningfully!

    LOVE your site by the way! :)

  9. From one Jenn to another Jenn (Hello!) I’m a poor graduate student who is looking for ways to take preventive steps to take good care of my skin. It’s going to be a while before I’ll graduate, i.e. I won’t be able to afford this awesome line. I’ve heard so many good things about MD Perricone already. Thank you to Jenn and MD Perricone!

  10. Summer is my favorite season. Picnics. Flowers. Pools. Friends. Love. And unfortunately breakouts. I love myself, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a whole lot easier to be care-free and soak in every juicy moment when not concerned about the makeup melting off my face. Summer should be a time to go bare, and appreciate the natural tones of my skin! I would be so much more confident with a little help from Dr. Perricone. With or without– bring on the summer!

  11. Because I never win anything? 😀
    Seriously though… I’m a mother of two, hold a full time management job, I’m a photographer in my spare time and I just enrolled in flight school. On top of stress this weather isn’t helping.
    Love your blog!

  12. Just like ^Jen^ My skin can’t decide if it’s oily or dry. Each day is a surprise. This would certainly help balance me out – **fingers crossed**

  13. I would love to celebrate all the changes I have made on the inside in this past year with a special treat for the outside of me. I’d just like to look as good as I now feel and I have heard amazing things about these products and would be all sorts of grateful and excited to get a chance to try them out. :)

  14. Summer in the city leaves me with an unfulfilled desire to be fresh and fabulous all the time…it’s time for a fresh start!

  15. I would love to win this because I have pimples and it seem so matter how hard I try to get rid of them – I always get more! I would love to try this to see how well it works on my skin!

  16. My skin is going nuts with all the heat and humidity this year. I would love to try this out, I hear great things about Dr. Perricone’s products!

  17. Wow, this giveaway is amazing! Well, I’d like to win because I’m biking to and from class – about 12 miles in Miami heat and humidity. It would be great to try out these products.

  18. I just turned 27 and am seeing the beginning wrinkles feather around the corners my eyes. I have been hiding from the sun and moisturizing like a mad man to prevent further damage, but I could really use a secret weapon in my skin arsenal. Please help my face with a little Perricone MD therapy, it would be much appreciated

  19. woo hoo! i love these products! A nice sales lady at Sephora once gave me some samples and I treated them like they were life’s eternal youth potion. Sadly, I am only able to treat my skin to my fav product, the clear skin hydrator (though I love/need all the products), when I have a few extra $$$ in the bank, but it’s always totally worth it becasuse I see the work it does.
    My skin always has a freak out when the summer months approach, so I know this kit would work wonders!
    Anyways, that’s me done gushing, now on to hoping I win this sweet giveaway!


  20. I am a High School Art Teacher and I am getting married July 17 between these two events my face is stressed, I live in the south and know all about how bad our faces can get in the summer.

  21. Jenn, I would love to win to give to my daughter, who just tried her first Perricone product and loved it. She has had bad skin since her teens and nothing we’ve done has made a difference … until possibly now. Would love to give her the opportunity to try it further. It’s pricey and I would be so happy to surprise her with this wonderful gift. Thank you! Nancy

  22. I have heard great things about Perricone MD, but unfortunately do not have the means to afford such things. I would love to try this out.
    P.S. I love your blog, especially the Everyday Beautiful Life series.

  23. I just turned 30 and my skin is not what it used to be. One day it’s oily as can be and the next day there’s flakiness!

  24. Just like you said, summer has not been to kind to my skin, I’m totally breaking out, which normally doesn’t happen very often…It’s always something with my skin and the seasons…in winter it’s dry and flaky and now it’s all sorts of impurities…I’m trying to change my beauty routine to the seasons and I would love to give this a try…

  25. I need this summer survival kit to save myself from the drastic measures I’m contemplating on doing to my skin (i.e., albeit by a professional), but it involves unthinkable surgical tools, yuk! So this giveaway should really go to me (lol)!!!

    All the very best,

    Linda xoxo

  26. thanks for the chance to win. this would be great to have because summer heat here in LA is absolutely making my skin go haywire. (dry in the morning, oily at day’s end) siiigh.

    hope i win this. thanks for the chance!

    writetoroa (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. Oh goodness, I NEED this Summer Survival Kit. Let’s just say the New York City heat, polluted air, and humidity have taken quite the toll on my skin. I’m originally from South Carolina and I thought that was difficult, but here is practically worse! My problem areas show all over my face and I have been searching far and wide for something to help. I would really absolutely love to have this kit and thank you for having this contest :)

  28. I could definitely use this set! I am a new mom who has spent the last 6 weeks traveling ALONE with my 3.5 month old while my husband films a movie… My little guy and I have trecked all over to meet up with hubby/daddy: from our home in Canada to NYC, Mexico, Spain, Toronto and finally back home in a few days. My skin has taken a BEATING from all of the air travel, lack of sleep, sun and stress. I swear I have aged 6 years in the last 6 weeks – Oh how I WISH I was joking! haha My hubby definitely owes me big time but the Perricone set would be a lovely “treat” to top off 6 stressful, crazy, busy weeks!

    p.s. – LOVE the blog! keep up the inspiring, creative, lovely work! :)

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