I found this video on twitter, courtesy of Nate St. Pierre who described it as “achingly beautiful.” {Oh, how I love that term!}

Speaking of achingly beautiful, Nate runs this website that seeks to change the world with 15-minute {or less} a week assignments done by thousands of the site’s followers. Appropriately named, It Starts With Us is simply beautiful. Go, sign-up!

{btw} You can watch some more beautiful videos over at Routines.

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{the kids are alright}

simon van lierde

Can you believe one of these pictures was taken by a 7 year old? No, that isn’t a typo. I did actually type the number seven with nothing before or after. In fact, all of these images were created by children, under the age of 14. Isn’t that extraordinary?

They are a few of the past leaders in the National Geographic Kids International Photography Contest. {You can see more on the NatGeo Kids galleries.} Imagine what would happen if we replaced the wii remotes with cameras or art supplies or cooking utensils. I think we underestimate what our kids are capable of, no?

adams gurowitz

{p.s.} Can you guess which one was the 7 year old?

All images from National Geographic Kids

{great gatsbys!}

coralie bickford smith fitzgerald

coralie bickford smith fitzgerald

coralie bickford smith fitzgerald gatsby

coralie bickford smith

Coralie Bickford Smith strikes again, leaving me dumbstruck and utterly in lust. I’ve sincerely been rendered desperate for these. I’m an absolute fool for Fitzgerald, so imagine my condition in seeing him wrapped up in metallic, deco perfection. {My eternal gratitude to anyone who can point me to a retailer who will sell these to me.}


I have found that the books are available for pre-order through Waterstones, so I’ve listed the link and ISBN to each one below. It is my experience that the books become available in Canada for a much better price than the US or UK after being released through Waterstones. You can also type in the ISBN on Amazon and select to be e-mailed as soon as the books become available.

Tender is the Night – 9780141194066

The Great Gatsby – 9780141194059

Flappers & Philosophers – 9780141194103

This Side of Paradise – 9780141194097

The Last Tycoon – 9780141194080

Tales of the Jazz Age – 9780141197470

The Beautiful and the Damned – 9780141194073