{goodbye summer}

September is here and it’s goodbye to summer! Bikinis will shortly give way to sweaters, unless you live near me. It’s time to bake apple pie and consume pumpkin spice anything. Days will get shorter {and cooler if you’re lucky to live North.} Leaves will turn, and we’ll soon get to turn those clocks back. I’m most excited at this time of year, because after September comes October, which means Halloween. After that, it’s non-stop holiday in my home. I can’t wait!

For those of you who won’t be seeing the ocean for a few months, I’ve included the video above. It’s ridiculously soothing.{Perhaps, you can send me some cold weather in return?}

image by Olivia Graham

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5 thoughts on “{goodbye summer}

  1. You make me feel depressed while talking about cold weather and everything. I love September because sun still shine, trees have beautiful color, and I can wear jackets but then October is a really sad months. You’re lucky to not enjoy that. If you want I will send you cold weather…
    I really enjoy coming on your blog…

    Edith x

    • Maybe we all love what we don’t have enough of! I never get cold weather (It was 90 degrees today and we thought it was cool!), so I always want it. I’ll trade you :-)

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