{autumn & the loved one}

Autumn always inspires thoughts of warm reds and age-old soft blankets being brought out from linen chests. It’s a “cozy” season; not too cold or too warm and filled with traditions like decorating pumpkins, baking pies and muffins, and of course, anything pumpkin spice. It’s the perfect time for curling up in some lovely underthings and wrapping oneself in an old afghan. Autumn is the season of leaving the windows open a bit to let the breeze blow the curtains around and picking dried leaves or blooms. And, sometimes, it’s the season to tint your hair auburn or copper, because who could resist?

the loved one by landon metz

hannah by landon metz

the loved one 2 by landon metz

{p.s.} Hannah {the gorgeous red-headed female half of Hannah & Landon} will soon be debuting her new lingerie line for The Loved One. Yes, that’s her photographed by her beau, Landon, in some of her designs above.

photography by landon metz

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5 thoughts on “{autumn & the loved one}

  1. Mmm, too true, fall is definitely all about burned warm hues, it’s also the season when my coppery red hair, becomes a deeper colour…Some really lovely photos…Love, Jules

  2. these are beautiful! I always get a little smile when I see a redhead modeling — all that teasing that I had during childhood turned for the better. I love being a redhead now :)

    Hope you’re having a lovely week so far,

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