{in the bank}

I remember being 5 years old, staring in awe at walls full of locks and little metal doors, wondering what was behind them. I was waiting for my mom to retrieve our own box of treasures: passports, two dollar bills, coins, a few jewels, and some old photographs. It was always so exciting to rummage through our locked up trinkets, but it was just as exciting to stand in the vault {ever so slightly terrified that the door might close and lock us in.}

All grown up now, I haven’t visited a vault in years, and I’m not sure if it would be as fascinating {although I’m sure the idea of being locked in one would still be equally terrifying.} However, I wouldn’t mind being in a vault like this one. Converted from a bank to the flagship offices of Vanguard Properties in San Francisco, the vault/private dining room is the most glamorous room in the entire building. Not in San Francisco? You can spend an evening partying and dining in a vault in NY or LA, too.

charles de lisle for vanguard properties

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