{diy glittering doily garland}

Crafting up some tissue paper snowflakes recently with the little one and decided to play with making a garland out of doilys. I dusted them up with glitter and ended up liking the homespun quality of them quite a bit. Instructions below.

Glittering Doily Letter Garland

2 packs of paper doilys
x-acto knife
pearlescent paint
elmers glue
sponge brush
fine crystal glitter {martha stewart makes lovely glitters}
felt tip or calligraphy pen
string, ribbon, or fish line

+ Using calligraphy pen {or a pencil for more elaborate designs}, write your message out on the doilies.

+ Place the doily on work surface {a few layers of cardboard works if you don’t have one} and carefully trace the letter with the x-acto knife, being sure to leave a tiny strip to hold the solid centers on letters like O, R, Q, P, D, or B.

+ Mix equal parts elmers glue and pearlescent paint in a dish.

+ Lightly coat doily with paint mixture. You may want to do this to both sides, since it makes the garland more durable.

+ Cover entire surface with glitter and sift back and forth to shake off excess.

+ Once dry, place letters under heavy flat object.

+ String them up and enjoy!

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