{from the redwood forests}

Had my first visit to California over New Years, specifically San Francisco and Napa Valley. We stayed at the gorgeous, historic Berkley City Club the first night before we drove out to Napa, and the Napa River Inn, through a sweet deal on Jetsetter. We hit up Bouchon in Yountville, of course, followed by a little wine/beer tasting and an awesome twister party with a pirate piƱata acquired at the local Target. {Oh, how I wish I’d gotten video of that!} With a hangover, we set out on a wine tour on the 31st and were dying by 2 p.m., but managed to make it out to a japanese resto down the street to ring in the new year. I also got to meet some delightful bloggers, Andi, Caitlin, and Melissa {who makes delicious granola bars, fyi}, in person. Yay!

Such good times, but my favorite had to have been our trip to Muir Woods. After a heartstopping drive up to the woods {wtf is with California and no guard rails on roads with steep cliffs?!}, we got to walk, in complete and total awe, amongst some of the tallest trees in the world… with the pirate and a giant red balloon I picked up on New Years Eve. Awesome.

Below is a gorgeous video I happened to find a few days after my return that depicts the breathtaking beauty of the redwoods better than any words I could ever type here.

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3 thoughts on “{from the redwood forests}

  1. Oh…. The magic trees!!! They are SO gorgeus!!! Powerfull. Centenary. I just told a friend of mine, who is planning to visit (this weekend) Big Sur/CA, that she HAVE to visit the Red Woods! It’s an obligation, in a positive way, to visit the Red Woods! Good for you that you saw them!

  2. Wow, that was a really beautiful film, thank you for sharing. I love going out into the trees. Luckily I live in Washington state, so its plentiful here, but I also have an irrational fear of bears, so it happens less often than I’d like.


  3. i think this is the most beautiful thing i’ve seen on this website, and i’ve seen almost everything on this site. *awe*

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