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We don’t touch each other enough.

We’re all getting more socially connected through technology, but we’re neglecting the benefits of real, physical contact. We used to make a point to congratulate friends in person, but not we’re more likely to shoot them a “Congrats!” on facebook. It’s a double-edged sword, since it helps us stay more connected while depriving us of essential physical contact.

I’m latina and live in South Florida, so touch is a part of greeting most people; we kiss cheeks and hug just about everyone. Still, because of technology, I have less of an opportunity to do so. Unrelated to technology, I made a self-observation recently: The older I get, the less I touch and hug people. I don’t know what to think of that change, other than that I think it kinda sucks. Of course, I hug and kiss my son constantly. I’m affectionate towards my very close friends and family, although less now than before. So, I’m making a point of randomly giving out warm hugs and pats on the back.

It’s such an awesome feeling to be welcomed openly with an embrace or to receive an unexpected rub on the back. I think we tend to get too busy to realize how much we’re missing it. {Granted, American culture has a different comfort zone than my own heritage and many other cultures, so if you are from one of those cultures you may or may not identify with this post.} Physical contact with another helps us process our connection to that person better. {There’s a reason why touching a person’s arm when talking to them will make them feel closer and find you more persuasive.} Research has shown that touch is an integral part of infant development and can increase survival rates in premature babies; talk about the power of touch! There’s even hugging meditation.

So, when was the last time you randomly hugged a friend? When was the last time you laid your hand on your mom or dad’s back just because you were near?

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4 thoughts on “{somebody to hug}

  1. unfortunately, i admit that i don’t hug or touch anyone but my fiancĂ©. and i only get to see him very rarely since we’re long distance. i do hug the people i haven’t seen in awhile (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, brother, sister) when i first see them and then when we say goodbye. which is also very rarely. i guess i feel a bit uncomfortable touching people and being touched, even by my own parents. maybe it’s because i’m so used to NOT being touched. (that’s not to say it was like that when i was younger – my parents hugged me all the time – but only now that i’m older.)

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