{paris & balloons}

What is it about Paris & balloons? Wondering if there is a history there. Anyone know?

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{munchkin update}
today is Aidan’s 8th birthday and he has reached 40% of his goal!
+ donate here
+ watch his anonymous old spice spoof here
+ read sweet posts written  here, here, and here
+ he was also featured on the charity:water blog and on operation nice

{images: irene suchocki & chelsea victoria}

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15 thoughts on “{paris & balloons}

  1. In dreams, I guess a red balloon is a strong emotion. Letting go of one signifies freeing yourself from a burdon. And holding tight to one means you’re really in deep.

  2. You are a girl after my own heart…not only do I have the same obsession, but I own several lovely Irene Suchocki prints, and I am eagerly awaiting the arival of a custom Paris calendar I ordered from Chelsea Victoria!

    Beautiful blog!
    Hope Ava

  3. Not sure about history but it is sure one of the most beautiful cities in the world so it deserve some balloons (not sure I make sense here… mmmm….)

    Anyway, those photos are dreamy. I miss Paris.

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