{pup portraits by studio legohead}

As much as I admire artworks by the greats, I’ve always felt that art in the home should be original, or at least unique and personal. Unless I had a special love for a particular famous piece of art work, I’d try to avoid hanging a poster of it in my home. Instead, I prefer something original, or closer to the original like a signed print from the artist; it feels like there is a stronger connection this way.

With that in mind, today I’m featuring these adorable drawings from studio legohead. How sweet are these? For around $120 you can get a personalized portrait of your pup to hang on your wall for all to admire. Now, isn’t that better than that cheap wine bottle print you got from a sidewalk stand?

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3 thoughts on “{pup portraits by studio legohead}

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the nice words regarding my work!
    It is such a nice thing to do, and even nicer when I do a custom portrait for client, who is thrilled!
    I’m glad you like them.

    Keep in touch.

    Jo x x

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