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It’s been awhile, since I posted. {Hey, I warned you I’d be posting sporadically.} I thought I’d share some goodies from the web with you on this Monday. Feel free to share with me on the {bits of beauty} facebook page. Also, if you’re one of the few who have joined Google+ you can find me there, too. Enjoy!

Loving this:

“If you decide how you’re supposed to feel and you allow yourself to decide what things will make you feel that way, then the whole entire world can be yours.” from How to Have Everything You Want

The most delicious and useful website on the planet: Gojee

Gorgeous boho bride style, of which I will be stealing the hairstyle for the everyday.

Some delicious gluten-free recipes.

A lesson from the Dalai-Lama via Sarah Wilson.

Alaia thinks the pace of fashion is “inhuman”, and I happen to agree with him.

This popsicle maker can have a fresh treat ready in 7 minutes!

I’ve just discovered sophistimom and am loving the well-fed section!

This would be great to see in the classroom. Parents, suggest it to your teachers!

{Image SuperSwoon}

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