the story of wynwood walls

Here in South Florida, art is a pretty big deal. There’s a neighborhood in Miami, known as Wynwood-Edgewater, which has transformed into MIA’s major art district. (It’s actually two neighborhoods, sometimes collectively termed as Midtown.) It’s proof positive that art and business can exist harmoniously and that art, especially public art, can change a community.

HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a docuseries exploring the power of public art and innovation in communities, is basing it’s pilot season around the Arts District of Wynwood. Watch the video above for a great look into how one of Wynwood’s public art spaces came to be.

To learn more about the walls, visit the Wynwood Walls website.

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chocolate fondue pour deux

This is a continuing guest series by Ines, of the forthcoming blog Whisked & Whipped.

For most, the best part of Valentine’s day is the romance. The flowers. The gift. But for me it’s the chocolate. In honor of this special day I am sharing a decadent and as always easy recipe for Chocolate Fondue. This recipe serves two and enough leftover for the other “dessert” you might be having. Continue reading

culinary affair: chicken marsala

This is a continuing guest series by Ines, of the forthcoming blog Whisked & Whipped.

Valentine’s Day is a day known for romance and indulgence. On one of my first Valentine’s dates we went to a little Italian restaurant in Manhattan. So romantic. The food wonderful. So sweet! I fell in love…with the Chicken Marsala. I have been trying to capture the magic of my first time and have searched for a delicious, traditional, yet easy recipe. One that would showcase the true, unadultered taste of my sweet love: Marsala wine. Continue reading

piamita: beautiful loungewear

Piamita Kathryn PantsPiamita Erin Scoop Neck Tank

My wardrobe changed dramatically after I stopped working in an office and started working from home. As a freelancer, I spend most of my day in loungewear, a maxi dress, or jeans. Sometimes, I don’t even get out of my pajamas the whole day, but that makes me feel rather unglamorous. So, I’m always on the lookout for elegant yet comfortable clothes. {They are very hard to find!} As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Piamita on Apartment34. This is actually LOUNGEWEAR!!! Can you believe how gorgeous it is?

Piamita Sophia Long Sleeve DressPiamita Clemence Shorts

1. Piamita Kathryn Pants, 2. Piamita Erin Scoop Neck Tank, 3. Piamita Sophia Long Sleeve Dress, 4. Piamita Clemence Shorts