Cocktail: La Candela

Eva and I are launching a Latin food blog in the fall, but you can follow us on twitter in the meantime. We plan on having plenty of cocktail recipes like this one that Eva and I mixed up poolside over the weekend for Jessie’s birthday.

La Candela

1.5 oz Prichard’s Sweet Georgia Belle Peach & Mango Rum
1.5 oz Smirnoff’s Green Apple Vodka
1.5 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
3 oz Orange juice
1 oz Cranberry juice

Combine the 3 liquors over ice. (If you don’t want to pre-measure, just use a 3 second pour of each.) You should have about a half a cup of liquid at this point. Top off the rest of the cup with orange juice and a good splash of cranberry juice. Stir, strain, and serve.

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