Happy Weekend: 8/3/2012

Happy Weekend!!! Two of my favorite people in the world,¬†Jessie and Eva, are celebrating their birthdays. I’m really looking forward to spending time poolside with them with a drink in hand. Cheers!

Here are a few links for your weekend:

Can you believe this photographer is only 18?! I’m blown away! So many young photographers doing such beautiful work.

The best way to store and heat bread.

I’ve been looking for a waterproof iphone case. Anyone tried these that Joanna found?

Admiring the exceptionally well designed labels on this coffee.

Pool parties all weekend. I’m up for making my favorite white sangria from Sugarcane.

Would love to see one of these pop up in Florida!

Between the heat and the rain, it hasn’t been great hair weather. This should do the trick!

Photo: Artiz Bermudez

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