30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 8: Senses

In the month of November, I’m meditating on my gratitude for something different each day.

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Senses via Bits of Beauty

Most of us take them for granted, so today I want to devote some time to each sense. How we experience the world is completely dependent on them.


Oh, taste! How boring would eating be without the ability to taste anything? I’m thankful that I can taste the salty goodness of parmesan fries, the bittersweet of really quality chocolate, and the juicy sourness of a plum. I’ve only recently discovered that the good savory taste in cheese and meat is called Umami, which happens to be one of my favorite tastes!


I’m thankful that I can smell lavender, vanilla, and violets; fresh laundry; that newborn baby scent; wine, garlic, rosemary, thyme, onions, and grilled meat; the smokey smell on my clothes after an evening near a campfire; rain; Christmas tree; cinnamon and pumpkin spice; my mom’s perfume; salty air and suntan lotion; cologne and skin; the falling autumn leaves; orange blossoms; and Cuban coffee.


I complain about how bad my eyesight sucks without my warbys or contacts, but I really should be grateful. Every. Single. Damn. Day. Because without those contacts or glasses, I can’t really see faces, and that makes me realize how lucky I am to get the chance to see all the amazing things I have seen. I’m thankful that I get to see Aidan’s happy face and Lola’s big ears. I’m blessed to have eyes that witnessed absolutely surreal landscapes and gorgeous sunsets. I’m thankful that I can see this screen, right now.


I think touch might be the sense we’re most aware of because we know what it feels like to be numb. I think we can all agree that being numb is only desirable for childbirth and major surgeries. I actually met someone who had numbness in his hands from an accident; he had to be extra aware not to hurt himself because he had no way of telling if he was doing damage to his hands. After that conversation, I’ll take some pain any day. Beyond keeping me safe, I’m thankful for the delicious feelings like cashmere blankets and fur throws on my skin. I’m grateful to feel cool air, warm sunshine, hugs, tickles, my hair down my back when I unpin it, that deep stretch in a good yoga class, the spine tingle I get when I’m scared or from someone breathing on my neck, orgasms (because who the hell isn’t thankful for those?) and sand between my toes.


I’m thankful I can hear Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, violins, the life-altering gong in Kundalini class, rainfall, baby giggles, my name, heartbeats, ocean waves, conversations, the rolling R in Spanish, the rhythm of Italian, wind blowing through bamboo, wind chimes, crickets, and whispers in my ear.

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 8: Senses

  1. I’m really enjoying this series, Jenn!
    And speaking of senses, you have to watch the movie Perfect Sense with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. It’s about a world where people lose their senses, one by one. And also a love story. It’s very emotional. Have a great day!

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