{i heart: mrs. lilien}

Browsing through my google reader last night, this post at Design Crush caught my eye. I’ve been slacking on posting all my new blog crushes, but I figure now is as good a time as any. So, here you go! Mrs. Lilien is my newest blog crush.

Each post is based on a persona and showcases a collection of items that suit that persona. Most of the personas are titled as “Mrs”; we have Mrs. Mc Nicey, Mrs. Frost {see the collection above}, Mrs. Kitchen, and so on. Pretty cute, no?

{i heart luxirare}

I have a new blog crush. Really, it’s more than a blog crush, and when you visit Luxirare, you’ll understand why. Foodie and Fashionista, Ji Kim, the author of Luxirare is possibly one of the most creative bloggers I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t just mean the style in which she presents the content on her blog, because frankly her blog is incredibly simple. She designs some amazing clothing, photographs her incredible culinary creations, and her entire blog reflects a cohesive style. Best of all, she frequently gives instructions on how to create her beautiful edible creations.

Seriously, who makes uni at home? Who thinks of making mojito tablets with alka seltzer? Off the freakin’ chain. Do you see these pictures? Are you drooling yet?

That coat is sick. Just wait until you see the rest. {I’d like to know if I can get my hands on a luxirare original.}

Welcome to your new addiction. Enjoy.

{g’day mate}

Buenos dias mis amores! I’d like to introduce you to the most adorable waffle maker in history. Meet Woddles…

{I want. I must have. Give to me!}

How on earth could anyone have a bad morning with these waffles? Currently only available in Australia and New Zealand, however you can order them online and ship to the US. More cuteness and a receip here. Happy Woddling!

Photo from Sunbeam Australia {via} hommit.

{isn’t she lovely?}

I must confess. I have a blogger girl crush.

If you don’t know already, Louise is the author of the blog Pandora. The blog, which is extremely stylish and intelligent, is a recent favorite of mine. I’ve seen her shot by Garance and Scott, but was somehow blatantly unaware of her wonderful blog… until about a week ago. {Oh the shame!}

I adore her style. Especially the way she pulls off wearing “geek chic” glasses. Perfect mix of sexy, sweet, and lady-like, no?

I think after seeing these, I want bangs again. {Le Sigh…}