the story of wynwood walls

Here in South Florida, art is a pretty big deal. There’s a neighborhood in Miami, known as Wynwood-Edgewater, which has transformed into MIA’s major art district. (It’s actually two neighborhoods, sometimes collectively termed as Midtown.) It’s proof positive that art and business can exist harmoniously and that art, especially public art, can change a community.

HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a docuseries exploring the power of public art and innovation in communities, is basing it’s pilot season around the Arts District of Wynwood. Watch the video above for a great look into how one of Wynwood’s public art spaces came to be.

To learn more about the walls, visit the Wynwood Walls website.

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{beauty for you}

a perfect mess by emma leonard

My dear readers, forgive my increasing absence. I’ve been taking time to focus on what is most important in my life right now and to sort through {and eliminate} what is not. Over the past two years, I’ve experienced some soul-shaking, deep change. Change is an ongoing process, of course, but I can see the definite shift looking back. My values have shifted. My habits are changing. What I need is still relatively the same, as is the case for most; I can just see those needs clearer. My wants {the true, deep ones} are coming into focus, too.

I’m not giving up on Bits of Beauty, but there will be changes here, too. I just haven’t quite figured out what those changes will be and how this blog will fit into my new personal landscape.

For now, my posts will be irregular. I hope you’ll stick with me.

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{image: A Perfect Mess by Emma Leonard}

{lime & melon}

Cold there be a more summery, delicious color combination? Maybe it’s the Miami in me, but I’m drawn to this fruity color-combo. As of late, my nails are constantly coral and I’ve been drawn to anything lemon-lime. So, when I saw this bright and beautiful spread, I couldn’t help but throw together a board with a few items that have caught my eye in the same combination of colors.


rope embroidered tunic
bhldn purse
kenneth jay lane earrings
essie polish
dvf eva scarf tie platform sandals

{photos: by Christophe Rouffio for Art & Decoration: Un appartement aux couleurs vitaminées

{oh wow yeah: rippled}

Ok, so I’ve been SUPER busy, totally neglecting this blog. I didn’t have a post planned this week at all, but this morning I got an e-mail from Darcy Prendergast of Oh Wow Yeah with a new light painting video. Now, you all know how much I love light painting, so I couldn’t resist sharing it.

You can also watch their other collaboration, Lucky.

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{color inspirations: palettes & balloons}

As you all know by now, balloons make me EXTREMELY happy. I actually toted a dior-style big balon rouge around with me on my trip to San Francisco with ms. hyperfluent, including to the redwoods. {Yes, we got lots of crazy looks, but we got smiles even more often.} I also have a thing for color palettes, so today’s post combines the two.

These beautiful palettes are taken from the dreamy photos of another balloon enthusiast, Valeria of Red Balloon Photography. Valeria’s photos caught my eye because of their sweet, sunny feel despite their muted palettes. They are so perfectly subdued that they manage to be colorful without reminding me of the circus. The color palettes created from these photos emphasize the perfection of the colors in these pics. They’d work perfectly well outside of the picture as a color scheme for a room, a print, or a website.

Hmmm… maybe I should use one of these palettes for a {bits of beauty} website makeover. Do you have a favorite?

{photography by Valeria of Red Balloon Photography, color palettes by ms. jenn for bits of beauty}

{pup portraits by studio legohead}

As much as I admire artworks by the greats, I’ve always felt that art in the home should be original, or at least unique and personal. Unless I had a special love for a particular famous piece of art work, I’d try to avoid hanging a poster of it in my home. Instead, I prefer something original, or closer to the original like a signed print from the artist; it feels like there is a stronger connection this way.

With that in mind, today I’m featuring these adorable drawings from studio legohead. How sweet are these? For around $120 you can get a personalized portrait of your pup to hang on your wall for all to admire. Now, isn’t that better than that cheap wine bottle print you got from a sidewalk stand?

{happy prints by studio mela}

print by studio mela

print by studio mela

Loving these playfully designed prints with positive words to live by. They’re perfect for an office, a child’s room, or a classroom. {Seriously, how about getting this for teacher appreciation instead of another scented candle.} Available for purchase from Studio Mela’s etsy shop.

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{paris & balloons}

What is it about Paris & balloons? Wondering if there is a history there. Anyone know?

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{munchkin update}
today is Aidan’s 8th birthday and he has reached 40% of his goal!
+ donate here
+ watch his anonymous old spice spoof here
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+ he was also featured on the charity:water blog and on operation nice

{images: irene suchocki & chelsea victoria}