Snapshots from DC

Two weeks ago I decided to use some points to take a long weekend in Washington, DC. It was a  whirlwind filled with really good food, music, and interesting people. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such a diverse range of food in such a short period of time. (I even ate grasshoppers!)

I’ve been to most of the monuments already, so I spent this whole trip just letting friends show me around and doing “local” stuff. I must say, DC impressed me.

Photos: 1-3. “Scramble” at the Phillips Collection, 4. Crab at Cantler’s Inn in Annapolis, 5. Mama Ayesha’s (amazing!), & 6. Kayaking on the Potomac.

Heart Melt: Zoo Miami’s New Baby Giraffe

Look who just made his first appearance yesterday at Zoo Miami! My heart is melting. I mean, there really isn’t much that is cuter than a frolicking baby giraffe. You can see more photos on the Zoo’s page on Facebook.

Can you really have a bad day after seeing this?

Photos: Ron Magill for Zoo Miami

{color inspirations: palettes & balloons}

As you all know by now, balloons make me EXTREMELY happy. I actually toted a dior-style big balon rouge around with me on my trip to San Francisco with ms. hyperfluent, including to the redwoods. {Yes, we got lots of crazy looks, but we got smiles even more often.} I also have a thing for color palettes, so today’s post combines the two.

These beautiful palettes are taken from the dreamy photos of another balloon enthusiast, Valeria of Red Balloon Photography. Valeria’s photos caught my eye because of their sweet, sunny feel despite their muted palettes. They are so perfectly subdued that they manage to be colorful without reminding me of the circus. The color palettes created from these photos emphasize the perfection of the colors in these pics. They’d work perfectly well outside of the picture as a color scheme for a room, a print, or a website.

Hmmm… maybe I should use one of these palettes for a {bits of beauty} website makeover. Do you have a favorite?

{photography by Valeria of Red Balloon Photography, color palettes by ms. jenn for bits of beauty}