Seeing Stars

I’m totally crazy for stars right now! I don’t know where this obsession came from, but I’m on a serious celestial kick. I’m even thinking to host a celestial themed holiday gathering for my friends. Are you as starry-eyed as I am?

1. celestina earrings
2. edible star glitter
3. ferm gold star wall decals
4. starlette crown
5. wish upon a star signet ring
6. loeffler randall star sandal
7. barnaby gates star wall paper

Traveling Light: Two Summer Trips

I love to travel, but I hate to carry luggage. In fact, I haven’t checked luggage in 10 years! I’m not looking to break that streak any time soon. I’ve learned how to pack smart and get the most out of my little carry-on and personal bag.

I usually wear a tee, cardi, jeans, and ballet flats on the plane, which helps remove some bulk from my carry-on. Shoulder bags are an absolute must. I slip a clutch into my shoulder bag with my travel docs, iPhone, and wallet, which saves space and keeps me organized. If I’m bringing my laptop, it goes into my shoulder bag, too. I top that off with a blanket.

Now for the carry-on luggage. Here’s an example of what I pack beyond toiletries & undies for two different trips.

See what I’d pack for two totally different trips

piamita: beautiful loungewear

Piamita Kathryn PantsPiamita Erin Scoop Neck Tank

My wardrobe changed dramatically after I stopped working in an office and started working from home. As a freelancer, I spend most of my day in loungewear, a maxi dress, or jeans. Sometimes, I don’t even get out of my pajamas the whole day, but that makes me feel rather unglamorous. So, I’m always on the lookout for elegant yet comfortable clothes. {They are very hard to find!} As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Piamita on Apartment34. This is actually LOUNGEWEAR!!! Can you believe how gorgeous it is?

Piamita Sophia Long Sleeve DressPiamita Clemence Shorts

1. Piamita Kathryn Pants, 2. Piamita Erin Scoop Neck Tank, 3. Piamita Sophia Long Sleeve Dress, 4. Piamita Clemence Shorts

{from me to you}

One of my favorite bloggers is having fun with her outfits for NYFW; Jamie of From Me to You is taking one fabulous style icon at a time to inspire her outfits and accompanying photoshoot. Above you can see her as Patricia Franchini in Breathless, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. How fun! Who would you pick for your inspiration outfit?

{See more of her fabulous daily outfits here.}

{ellie saab from the back}

ellie saab

Glorious in all its full frontal extravagance, Ellie Saab’s shimmering, sheer, beautifully cut creations are what a glamorous girl’s dreams are made of. Coppery nudes, delicate silvers, the loveliest of greens, sophisticated to petal-bedecked feminine, watching the gowns come down the runway, one can’t help but to utter a little “ohh” or “ahh.” Lovely as they were from the front, I take special pleasure in seeing the back of dresses, especially any as beautiful as these.

ellie saab

ellie saab

{images via tfs & style}

Bang, Bang!

bangs -noun
a fringe of hair combed or brushed forward over the forehead

We may relate bangs {or fringe} with hipster girls and a bevvy of stylish french ladies, but it’s said that the hairstyle was popularized by a freed Arab slave living in 9th century Spain. Whoever thought of the style, I’m thankful to them. I’ve had bangs most of my life. It’s amazing how “done” they make you look. They are the key to lazy girl style. I’ve been sporting slightly modififed Jane Birkin fringe since last July, but might just go a bit heavier.

Tips on wearing bangs:
*Ask your stylist to make the sides longer and to give you some blending pieces around the face to help sweep them to the side if they get long or to pull down when you’ve got a messy up-do.
*If you decide to trim your own bangs at home, NEVER cut them wet.
*Use a midsized round brush to blow out the sides/blending area, holding the brush vertically and rolling backward. Just a quick blast of a dryer and one rotation should be enough to keep the sides from looking puffed up. {See Louise’s bangs on the last picture above.}
*Use a comb and point your drier’s nozzle downward on your bangs when drying.
*Use a little dry shampoo to give them mussed-up texture.
*I use an eyebrow razor to trim and texture my bangs between visits to the salon. Of course, you could use a real hair razor, but I don’t trust myself with something that sharp close to my face!

Have you had bangs? What’d you think of them?

{paris via australia}


What is it with those Aussie’s?

Besides having some incredible bloggers, there’s yet another amazingly wearable line coming from the land down under. Meet MyPetSquare, bringing you Paris via Australia. The new Cine Collection is inspired by the French New Wave and is the very definition of effortless chic. {Aren’t you already picturing Emma Watson in one of these with her new Jean Seberg crop?} Best of all? They ship worldwide.

{friday finds: ring, ring!}

Loving the raw, earthy edge of these amazing rings by Satomi Kawakita. Her rings come in a beautiful variety of one and two finger designs, with or without stones, some being one-of-a-kind. She also makes necklaces and bracelets that are equally as cool and pretty. That grey diamond {yes, that’s a diamond} is officially on my wishlist.

{links for your weekend}
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Have a lovely weekend!

rings & images from satomi kawakita