{come to my window}

I have an uncommon attraction to windows {not in the suicidal way}. Maybe it’s because I feel like I live in two worlds. There’s so much going on inside, but outside it’s so damn beautiful that I just can’t stand to stay away. So you’ll find me nose pressed upon the pane with my breath fogging up the glass.

unknown, petra van raaj

{eniko and klimt}

Eniko Mihalik stars in this short video and this spread in 25 magazine, both which were inspired by Gustav Klimt‘s art. Derek Kettela shot the spread and video with the help of model couple Sasha Knezevic (as creative director) and Anja Rubik (as fashion editor). Did I mention that the music is by Portishead?

Klimt + Portishead = Swoon.

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{miami heat}

Early April and already feeling the Miami heat after a lovely cool winter. Crossing my fingers for a few touches of sub-80 Spring weather. Still, I’m welcoming the warmer waters, and dare I say, a bit of sweat at the beach. Perhaps, I’m just a touch masochistic, but a part of me is looking forward to desiring things like cold melon or an icy cool dip in the pool…or more so, the satisfaction and relief that will come of those tiny pleasurable moments in the unbearable heat.

anja rubik by carter smith