{everday beautiful life: design crush}

Yay, it’s Thursday! That mean’s another addition of {EBL}, and this week we have Kelly from Design Crush. I am very happy to have her, especially since she almost didn’t make the schedule this year. When I first started scheduling the series, I had no idea the response I’d get.  We had scheduled her in July, but soon I had hundreds of e-mails to sort through and lost her message, so she would have had to be scheduled for February 2010. As luck would have it, something popped up for this weeks guest, and voila! She saved the day. It was fate! {BTW have you seen her Daily Eats? Ugh! So delish!} Anyhow, here goes 10 things that make Kelly’s life beautiful:

{Art Supplies} I’m talking everything from back to school supplies to the more big time products. They all make me incredibly giddy and happy – especially when they’re fresh out of the package! I think it’s the thought of the possibilities and what I might create from them that thrills me.

{Baking} Firing up the oven and getting out the Kitchen-Aid mixer has become a really therapeutic activity for me. There’s just something about following a recipe that clears my head. Getting to eat the end results isn’t too shabby a job either!

{Blogging} Writing for Design Crush is one of my favorite parts of the day. There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing an artist’s work or a product that I love and that I know my readers will flip their lids over! It’s a combination of excitement and accomplishment that I really love. Not to mention all of the fantastic and amazing people I get to meet via my rants and writing, that’s really the most rewarding part.

{Creating} My life would be nothing without creating. Whether I’m designing a logo or making up a new dinner recipe on the fly, it’s having the opportunity to create something that helps me sleep at night. It’s a necessary release of all the thoughts and emotions that get built up on the inside.

{Cupcakes} Okay fine, cake in general! I love it. It makes me smile. And I’m 100% sure a girl could have worst vices than baked goods.

(Halloween} My favorite holiday. {I can thank my mom – it happens to be her favorite, too.} I look forward to it all year long and am convinced maybe there should be a second one at the halfway point in April!

{Learning} Without the pursuit of learning something new I feel stagnant. Right now it’s learning how to take care of my new dog, Piper. Trying to figure out her moods and personality is keeping me on my toes!

{Organization} I believe in lists and piles and order. It pays off about 95% of the time, I swear!

{Rain} The darkening skies, the smell of ozone in the air…. ahhhh. I love everything about it, especially how it makes me not have to water my lawn in the summer!

{White Bedding} There’s absolutely nothing more indulgent and relaxing in my mind. One of the ways I spoil myself is with Egyptian cotton sheets and a fluffy down comforter. It makes it more difficult to crawl out of bed in the mornings, but so worth it!

Photos {via} 1. Marc Gutierrez 2. Phantomato 3. Alcomm 4. Wonderfully Complex 5. JLeighB 6. I’ll Take Your Photo 7. Podmom 8. Lisa Solomon 9.  Ingvilar 10. Cactus in the Sea

{oh australia}

Freaking gorgeous photos from Vogue Australia. I really need to visit Australia. I feel like every time I find something I’m in love with, it’s in Australia.

Photos by Greg Kadel for Vogue Australia

{welcome to my new home}

Good morning my wonderful readers! How are you this morning? {Oh, wait, it’s Monday, so I know the answer. Unless you are lucky enough to love going to work on Monday, and in that case, please tell us what it is you do!} So, you may have noticed something different. If you are using a reader, you probably have not yet figured it out. I have moved from Blogger to WordPress self-hosted. The domain is now www.dailybitsofbeauty.com, so that means people in IE can finally see this blog without “Operation Aborted” popping up and sending your browser to hell. Alas, there is still a tiny issue I’m having with the sidebar dropping down for people viewing IE, which I just need to find a fix or new template for. {Bear with me, I’m still getting used to editing the CSS on here.}

All in all, I’m very happy that I made the move. It was relatively painless, almost completely due one person: Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud. In searching for information on moving my 300+ posts from blogger to WP, I stumbled upon his blog. I saw that he offered Blogger to WP migration with SEO optimization and 301 perma redirect. In case none of that makes sense to you, just know that it is the absolute best way to move your blog and that you have to do nothing yourself other than pick a template and buy the domain/host services. Let me tell you, not many bloggers know how to do a re-direct like this. {I spent quite some time researching and you would not believe the BS that is out there on how to do this.} If you are interested, visit here for a quote.

Photo by Rodney Smith {The girl soaring through the air represents me and WP. The guy cowering below, is Blogger. Ha!}