{color inspirations: palettes & balloons}

As you all know by now, balloons make me EXTREMELY happy. I actually toted a dior-style big balon rouge around with me on my trip to San Francisco with ms. hyperfluent, including to the redwoods. {Yes, we got lots of crazy looks, but we got smiles even more often.} I also have a thing for color palettes, so today’s post combines the two.

These beautiful palettes are taken from the dreamy photos of another balloon enthusiast, Valeria of Red Balloon Photography. Valeria’s photos caught my eye because of their sweet, sunny feel despite their muted palettes. They are so perfectly subdued that they manage to be colorful without reminding me of the circus. The color palettes created from these photos emphasize the perfection of the colors in these pics. They’d work perfectly well outside of the picture as a color scheme for a room, a print, or a website.

Hmmm… maybe I should use one of these palettes for a {bits of beauty} website makeover. Do you have a favorite?

{photography by Valeria of Red Balloon Photography, color palettes by ms. jenn for bits of beauty}

{pup portraits by studio legohead}

As much as I admire artworks by the greats, I’ve always felt that art in the home should be original, or at least unique and personal. Unless I had a special love for a particular famous piece of art work, I’d try to avoid hanging a poster of it in my home. Instead, I prefer something original, or closer to the original like a signed print from the artist; it feels like there is a stronger connection this way.

With that in mind, today I’m featuring these adorable drawings from studio legohead. How sweet are these? For around $120 you can get a personalized portrait of your pup to hang on your wall for all to admire. Now, isn’t that better than that cheap wine bottle print you got from a sidewalk stand?

{happy prints by studio mela}

print by studio mela

print by studio mela

Loving these playfully designed prints with positive words to live by. They’re perfect for an office, a child’s room, or a classroom. {Seriously, how about getting this for teacher appreciation instead of another scented candle.} Available for purchase from Studio Mela’s etsy shop.

{other bits of beauty}
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{from me to you}

One of my favorite bloggers is having fun with her outfits for NYFW; Jamie of From Me to You is taking one fabulous style icon at a time to inspire her outfits and accompanying photoshoot. Above you can see her as Patricia Franchini in Breathless, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. How fun! Who would you pick for your inspiration outfit?

{See more of her fabulous daily outfits here.}

{paris & balloons}

What is it about Paris & balloons? Wondering if there is a history there. Anyone know?

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{munchkin update}
today is Aidan’s 8th birthday and he has reached 40% of his goal!
+ donate here
+ watch his anonymous old spice spoof here
+ read sweet posts written  here, here, and here
+ he was also featured on the charity:water blog and on operation nice

{images: irene suchocki & chelsea victoria}

{google art}

There’s nothing like seeing art in person, especially when carefully presented by well trained curators. However, Google has done a bang up job of bring art to the web with their new Google Art Project. As of today, you can virtually view works in 17 galleries including the MoMA, the Frick, the Tate, and Versailles. You can get closer than you’d ever be able to IRL, and in some cases in more detail than the naked eye would ever allow (as in see the crackling on the painting close.) Take some time today and explore the site or curate your own collection.

Did I mention that you can also take a google street view style tour through the Palace of Versailles?

The world we live in is truly awesome, isn’t it?