{about fall…}

If you are currently experiencing cooler temperatures and autumn leaves, I just want you to know:
I’m so freakin’ jealous of you. Can’t stand you right now. Ok not really, but don’t ever complain or so help me heaven I will find you and beat you with this awful heat and rain from the so-called “sunshine state.”

That’s all. Love you!

Photo by Sarah Hermans

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3 thoughts on “{about fall…}

  1. I completely understand!
    I hate living in Florida, I just look at everyones pictures about how they can wear pants and cardigans and scarves and I’m wearing shorts and a tank top in the end of September…

  2. Fall arrived here today, and with it came MASSIVE amounts of crazy wind! Our yard was filled with tumble weeds that got caught in my mom’s plants. One guy brought a pickup truck full of tumble weeds to dumb in the field behind our house. Now I’m rambling. I’m excited that fall is here! Sorry about the heat there!
    .-= KatieĀ“s last blog ..Growing Old is Getting Old. =-.

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