{bit of beauty: dandelions}

I’m not quite sure why, but I rarely ever see dandelions around here. My guess is it’s either the climate or all weed killers they put on the lawns here. I never understood why grown-ups got so flustered if I blew on a dandelion as a kid. “Don’t do that, they’ll be everywhere!”, they’d say. I thought it was a fabulous idea. I still do.

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Photos: 1.unknown 2. unknown 3. unknown 4. unknown, 5. Samantha Lamb 6. Vicki June 7. 11 mujeres 8. Margaret Elman on Apartment Therapy
{If anyone has the true sources of images 1-4, please let me know!}

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12 thoughts on “{bit of beauty: dandelions}

  1. My cousin has almost the exact same dandelion tattoo – I’ve always thought it is so delicate and feminine. Quite a nice way to dispel the myth that tattoos have to be hardcore and masculine.

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