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I’ve never really worn tartan, except as part of a school uniform. As of late, I’m seeing tartans in everything from decor to dresses, and am becoming quite fond of them. It was the above photo by Chris Nicholls that sold me on them. Rustic, elegant, and timeless. Autumn is the perfect season to wear them.

I’m taken with this tartan coat from Anthropologie, but as you know, it isn’t appropriate for where I live. I’ll settle for a tartan skirt, or perhaps this vest over a black skirt and some fingerless gloves.

That lovely Nicholls picture also got me thinking of deep reds. It’s the deep red leaves and textiles that appear in this season which gives autumn a richness in my mind. A deep red, different than summer berries or Christmas holly, in warm fabrics, leaves that will soon fall, and perhaps a luxurious fur. If it weren’t for the red, autumn would be a light palette of oranges and yellows – not quite so rich.

And, when the leaves fall, and autumn gives way to winter, what remains are those reds to keep the winter whites and evergreens company.

1. Chris Nicholls, 2. Anthropologie 3. Czech Elle via Fashion Gone Rogue 4. Jacqueline Puoci

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  1. I once played an away game against a high school whose mascot was a Tartan… I wasn’t sure what that was at the time, since the mascot picture was a dog wearing a kilt but later I looked it up and said “Their mascot is plaid???”
    .-= Shanna Suburbia´s last blog ..MASH =-.

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