{friday finds: pretty tough at intermix}

I have an intermix in the mall nearby. There’s also one on SoBe. I try to avoid both out of pure fear and knowledge that my self-control is not that strong. Behold, two perfect examples of Intermix’s temptation below.

In other news, Project Runway kicked off last night at its new home, Lifetime. We’ve got an interesting bunch. Head on over to {iStyle} to see a recap of the designers and the results. {Spoiler alert!} Between Mad Men and Project Runway kicking off this week, I’m a happy girl. Now all I need is Gossip Girl. Also, there’s only a few more hours until the giveaway is over, so hurry-up! I’ll announce the winner on the TGIF post at 5 p.m. EST. Good luck!

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