{letting the cat out of the bag}

You may have noticed random absences in the past month. Some of you already know, but the rest of you have only been given hints. Now, you all know I’ve given in to creativity this month. I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I’ve failed miserably at hitting the 50,000 word mark, but with good reason. Back in October, I was contracted to find photos for and author a book entitled Historic Photos of Cuban Miami. It’s definitely one of the more interesting bits of freelance/contract work I’ve picked up. It has kept me incredibly busy, but it also lead to quite a bit of research that will help me in writing my novel for next year. The folks over at NaNoWriMo suggest you have a solid outline and idea of characters before you begin the challenge; I didn’t have that. I do now.

What else has come of this? My little one asked me to write him a book. I’ve got the story for that finished. Now, I’m going to dig up my old art supplies and have a go at illustrating it. I haven’t drawn in years, but it can’t hurt to try. Besides, I know some fabulous bloggers who happen to be artists. If all else fails, I’ll beg them to help!

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4 thoughts on “{letting the cat out of the bag}

  1. That sounds like a great project! Sorry to hear that the nanowrimo suffered a bit, but eh, it happens :-) My friend writes a nanowrimo story for his little girls every year, and I think it’s such a lovely tradition!
    .-= Lilah´s last blog ..Thankful for… =-.

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