{the art of being silly}

We all know that wit and a sense of humor are important. It makes you appealing, approachable, sexy, and fun. But being silly is even better. Silly shows vulnerability and confidence to be less than perfect, which makes you all the more appealing. Children understand being silly; humor can be narrow, so it isn’t universal. Think of Ally from the Notebook. Her character is downright charming, but it’s her ability to be silly and full of life that makes her this way. Practice being silly. If you raise a few eyebrows or garner a few smirks from onlookers, you’re doing it right.

{A few silly things to do}
+ Take funny pictures in a photobooth.
+ Make faces like our model above in pictures that you’ll actually put up somewhere.
+ Ride the carousel. Bonus if you do it side saddle.
+ Eat ice cream from a cone. Get it all over your face.
+ Have a food fight.
+ Ticklefight.
+ Pull a Serena & Georgina by making up fake names and accents when you go out in public.
+ Prank call your relatives.
+ Splash in the puddles.
+ Learn the Charleston. Do it in public.
+ Sneak into something. {Just don’t get arrested, please.}
+ Have a date on a deserted playground.
+ Play with the waves in the ocean.
+ Let someone bury you in the sand.

photos by ellen von unwerth

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14 thoughts on “{the art of being silly}

  1. cute and silly photos. think i’ll take your recommendation on the photobooth sometime soon all others are so much fun. love getting buried in the sand too.

    have a lovely day
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..{be a lover} =-.

  2. i absolutely love being silly.

    we had lunch with my mom last week to celebrate her 81st birthday, my 16 year old {6’1″) gave her a hug and picked her up off the ground {she’s 5’1′} , she laughed sooo hard, she snorted and tears ran down her cheeks. i think that was her best birthday gift of all.

    to laugh and be silly, to not take life so serious is truly to live life to the fullest.
    thanks for this awesome reminder!

    xo kerri
    .-= tenthings.´s last blog ..tenthings. sea petals. earrings. =-.

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  4. Being silly shows happiness, and freedom, and not caring of all the rules out there…. all the ones that tell us to be normal. I have been a silly lady my whole life and you better believe I am not stopping now. :) Hope you won’t either, the world sure would be more fun with more sillies out there.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..How to Make a Photography Portfolio =-.

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