{bit of beauty: simplicity}

There’s a certain simplicity to the images above.

A garland of flowers enhancing natures superior beauty. A rudimentary trinket, like a tiny bicycle made of wire. Cool wet sand under your fingertips with the sun beaming gently on your shoulders and a light breeze whipping a few stray strands across your face. A stark white yurt in the middle of a mossy green forest.

Simple. Beautiful. Soothing.

For several months, bloggers have been detailing what makes their life beautiful in the Everyday Beautiful Life series. The most frequently mentioned were love and flowers. I’ve spent the past year reevaluating and redefining what’s important. The series, along with the discovery of other bloggers, and my own experiences has made me think:

What do we really need in our lives? Not a whole lot. What does it take to make out everyday life a bit more beautiful? Turns out, not a whole lot, either.

lace & tea, upon a fold, here, & christian weber

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3 thoughts on “{bit of beauty: simplicity}

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog today and I must say I fell for it right away. How beautiful of you to create such a blog. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  2. It’s empowering and liberating when you realize what really matters, or how much we really need in life. Sometimes we need a moment though to re-access, due to what seems like a constant attempt at telling us otherwise.

    Cheers to simplicity…and beauty…

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