The Color Run

Two weekends ago, I was having one of the best mornings ever. The munchkin, three great friends, and I joined 10,000+ crazies for what really is the happiest 5k on the planet. For each kilometer, you get rained on with a different colored powder: yellow, orange, pink, blue, purple. (And, yes, the color is non-toxic.) By the end, you’re a veritable rainbow, but there’s more. Every 15 minutes for three hours the crowd of runners partying in front of the finale stage releases more color. I’ve never seen so many people be so damn happy all at once. It was priceless.

Check out more pics below and find a Color Run in your area. There’s absolutely no pressure to run. (There were toddlers and people on crutches doing the 5k!) The schedule is already out for 2013 and they’re even going to take a tour of Australia!

For more photos check out my friend Eva’s album here.

Photos: Jennifer Ortiz & Eva Rosales


Vanilla gets a bad rap. We use it to describe things or versions of things that are boring, as if it were synonymous with bland. But is it really? Vanilla can be wholly sensual and overwhelming. The scent of a real vanilla bean pod cracked open is exquisite, warm, and powerful. The flavor is the opposite of bland. It’s sexy. It mixes beautifully with coconut, butter, and lavender. Just a touch of vanilla added to your cooking can take a dish from good to sumptuous. I’m not even going to start on what the scent can add to your beauty routine. I think you get my point.

So in defense of vanilla, here’s a few of my favorite things in vanilla flavor.

From left, clockwise: GUD Vanilla Flame Bath & Body (available at Target), Profumi Di Firenze Vaniglia, Vanilla Cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes, Nielsen Massey Vanilla, Illume Boulangerie Vanilla & Fig, Lavanila Deodorant, Laduree vanilla macaron


Lazy Girl Beauty: Dry Shampoo

I could blame it on being a mom or being a freelancer, but sometimes I’m just a lazy ass when it comes to my looks. Ok, maybe all the time! You’d probably never guess it by looking at me (or I’d like to think you couldn’t), but it’s true. I barely ever blow my hair out. I spend about 5-10 minutes on my makeup a day. I wash my hair every few days, unless I’ve had a crazy sweat fest at the gym. On those in-between days I use dry shampoo. I swear by Oscar Blandi’s Pronto powder. I love the lemony scent and how long the bottle lasts. (Sprays don’t seem to last long with me.)

Do you have a favorite dry shampoo?

Bang, Bang!

bangs -noun
a fringe of hair combed or brushed forward over the forehead

We may relate bangs {or fringe} with hipster girls and a bevvy of stylish french ladies, but it’s said that the hairstyle was popularized by a freed Arab slave living in 9th century Spain. Whoever thought of the style, I’m thankful to them. I’ve had bangs most of my life. It’s amazing how “done” they make you look. They are the key to lazy girl style. I’ve been sporting slightly modififed Jane Birkin fringe since last July, but might just go a bit heavier.

Tips on wearing bangs:
*Ask your stylist to make the sides longer and to give you some blending pieces around the face to help sweep them to the side if they get long or to pull down when you’ve got a messy up-do.
*If you decide to trim your own bangs at home, NEVER cut them wet.
*Use a midsized round brush to blow out the sides/blending area, holding the brush vertically and rolling backward. Just a quick blast of a dryer and one rotation should be enough to keep the sides from looking puffed up. {See Louise’s bangs on the last picture above.}
*Use a comb and point your drier’s nozzle downward on your bangs when drying.
*Use a little dry shampoo to give them mussed-up texture.
*I use an eyebrow razor to trim and texture my bangs between visits to the salon. Of course, you could use a real hair razor, but I don’t trust myself with something that sharp close to my face!

Have you had bangs? What’d you think of them?

Intimate & On Display

“…the act of displaying what is meant to be intimate is seductive and decidedly feminine.”


There’s something beautiful in showing off things that are meant to be on the inside or underneath. A sliver of silk or a frill of lace peeking out from under a skirt, a satin strap slipping off the shoulder, it all suggests the possibility of being undressed, of another layer, and of intimacy.

Whether it be emotions, secrets, skin, fears, or a garter, the act of displaying what is meant to be intimate is seductive and decidedly feminine. It’s powerful, inviting, flirtatious, and delicate. In our dress, the effect ranges from daring to innocent to modest. {The last being a sign of the times in the fact that so many women skip the garters or slips.} In the home, taking something lovely that is usually kept in the closet or lingerie chest and placing it on the wall or by the window for all to see gives a room a playful, whimsical effect. And, in our relationships, the result can be devastatingly beautiful and empowering.

{images: free people}

Love: Tokyo Milk

Not so much a friday finds post as a gush post. I love everything about Lollia‘s cool, edgier sister, Tokyo Milk. The packaging is so pretty I can never bring myself to throw it away, and everything smells delicious.

Obsessed with violets as I am, the Candied Violet confection is the only balm I’ll spread on my lips. It’s also great to rub on the cuticles.

I try to make myself at home wherever I go. When I travel, I bring tinned candles in my luggage. This one is the perfect size.

I spray the rosewater fragrance on my towels and linens. {Sometimes, Ms. Lola will get a sprtiz, too.}

available at anthropologie or online

{goth was never so glam}

In case you needed a reason to slap on black lipstick and go hang out in a cemetery… Seriously, who the hell looks that good with black lipstick?


Dear Louise, please stop being so f-ing amazing. Thanks. – envious women everywhere

Photos {via} Pandora & Cherry Blossom Girl