{in the bank}

I remember being 5 years old, staring in awe at walls full of locks and little metal doors, wondering what was behind them. I was waiting for my mom to retrieve our own box of treasures: passports, two dollar bills, coins, a few jewels, and some old photographs. It was always so exciting to rummage through our locked up trinkets, but it was just as exciting to stand in the vault {ever so slightly terrified that the door might close and lock us in.}

All grown up now, I haven’t visited a vault in years, and I’m not sure if it would be as fascinating {although I’m sure the idea of being locked in one would still be equally terrifying.} However, I wouldn’t mind being in a vault like this one. Converted from a bank to the flagship offices of Vanguard Properties in San Francisco, the vault/private dining room is the most glamorous room in the entire building. Not in San Francisco? You can spend an evening partying and dining in a vault in NY or LA, too.

charles de lisle for vanguard properties

{miami monday: 1111 lincoln rd}

No, your eyes do not deceive you; that is a very pretty parking garage. Located at the corner of Alton and the famous pedestrian-only Lincoln Rd., 1111 is a multi-function space: parking, office, retail, residential, and event space. Built to maximize air-flow and light, the building is energy efficient {there are solar panels on the roof} and beautiful.

On the ground, there’s Y-3, Taschen, Babalu, Shake Shack, Nespresso, and a sprinkling of other storefronts. You’ll find Alchemist, one of Miami’s chicest boutiques, located on the 5th floor… right in the middle of the parking garage. The highly conceptual shop {in a highly conceptual spaces} offers, of course, more conceptual fashion from the likes of Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, and Chrome Heats. In other words, Scott Schumann can go ahead and wander around the 5th floor of the garage to capture a few of Miami’s more eccentric fashionable creatures whenever he visits Miami next.

Lucky for us, the garage is never full {miraculous by Miami standards}, so take advantage before everyone else figures out that it’s actually a car park.

images via 1111 lincoln’s website

{a visit to terrain}

Back from vacation in NYC & Upstate. While there, we took a trip to Terrain at Styer’s in Glen Mills, PA and also had dinner there. Although we miscalculated how long it would take to get there, it was worth it for the inspiration alone. {The food wasn’t too bad, and by that I mean it was fantastic.}

terrain at styers

As you can see from the pictures, everything is impeccably styled, in a well worn and beautifully rustic way. Each of the buildings is built to look like very chic greenhouse or a luxurious shed with large portions of the roofs made of glass panels and shaded by reeds.

I’ve been in love with these lanterns for almost a year now, but it’s quite a different thing to see them in person. They’re absolutely stunning. They give off the coziest glow, and manage to be glamorous and rustic at the same time.

So many great ideas for the home and entertaining all over the store. {A few of my favorite picks at the bottom of this post.} Let’s not even get started on the terrariums.

As for dinner, the Cafe at Styer’s is a quirky little resto that is constantly holding an event {like cowboy campfires, bluegrass night, and all sorts of tastings.} You can BYO, which I saw plenty of guests taking advantage of. At night, the lighting all over Terrain is provided by garlands of bare bulbs hung throughout the buildings and the occasional lanterns, which gave everything a heightened sense of being at a garden party at night. Of course, topiaries and plants hang everywhere; and old doors with stained glass serve as dividers between some of the booths.

As mentioned before, the food was delish! I had a duck tasting with truffled macaroni and ended the meal with chocolate stout ice cream. {In case you’re wondering, yes you can bring kids. The munchkin had hummus, macaroni, and butter almond ice cream.} My favorite touch? The bread is baked in terracotta flower pots. How adorable is that?!

{a few favorites from terrain}
filigree spheres
picture vertical garden
hanging globe terrarium
no 1 terrarium
chalkboard labels

images by ms. jenn for {bits of beauty}

{spaces: the moore space}

moore space interior

moore space interior

Down in Miami’s Design District, on 2nd Avenue, you’ll find one of the hippest historical spaces in South Florida. The Moore is a true 20’s gem, but with an updated twist; the white membranes that span from floor to floor give the space a sort of odd warmth, while bringing the space into the 21st century. The space is available for events through Brighthouse Events and frequently hosts exhibitions, pop-up shops, parties, and a wedding or two.

images {via} brighthouse events

{ms. jenn lives for a day}

Well, at least I’d like to live like that glam for a day. Wait, who am I kidding, sometimes I come close, minus the juggling of 3 men. {I do have four fur throws in my bedroom!} Seriously now, I adore Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. The cocktail party, the clothes, Delysia’s flat, Lee Pace’s character {swoon}, the music, all that fur and gold leafing…did I mention Lee Pace’s character is hot? I’m such a sucker for a sweet and tough guy. I’m totally done for if he doesn’t mind getting in a fight when called for. Ok, I’m off topic here. My two favorite things from the movie, which I shall share here, are the scene where they sing “If I didn’t care” and the decor.

How I adore this song! Unfortunately, I could not find the video online without Chinese subtitles, since the intellectual property police probably threatened everyone who’d ever even thought of putting it up.

Stills from Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day {via} Coco & Kelley, Mirror Mirror and the rest of the blogosphere