Cocktail: La Candela

Eva and I are launching a Latin food blog in the fall, but you can follow us on twitter in the meantime. We plan on having plenty of cocktail recipes like this one that Eva and I mixed up poolside over the weekend for Jessie’s birthday.

La Candela

1.5 oz Prichard’s Sweet Georgia Belle Peach & Mango Rum
1.5 oz Smirnoff’s Green Apple Vodka
1.5 oz Whipped Cream Vodka
3 oz Orange juice
1 oz Cranberry juice

Combine the 3 liquors over ice. (If you don’t want to pre-measure, just use a 3 second pour of each.) You should have about a half a cup of liquid at this point. Top off the rest of the cup with orange juice and a good splash of cranberry juice. Stir, strain, and serve.

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Happy Weekend: 8/3/2012

Happy Weekend!!! Two of my favorite people in the world, Jessie and Eva, are celebrating their birthdays. I’m really looking forward to spending time poolside with them with a drink in hand. Cheers!

Here are a few links for your weekend:

Can you believe this photographer is only 18?! I’m blown away! So many young photographers doing such beautiful work.

The best way to store and heat bread.

I’ve been looking for a waterproof iphone case. Anyone tried these that Joanna found?

Admiring the exceptionally well designed labels on this coffee.

Pool parties all weekend. I’m up for making my favorite white sangria from Sugarcane.

Would love to see one of these pop up in Florida!

Between the heat and the rain, it hasn’t been great hair weather. This should do the trick!

Photo: Artiz Bermudez


Vanilla gets a bad rap. We use it to describe things or versions of things that are boring, as if it were synonymous with bland. But is it really? Vanilla can be wholly sensual and overwhelming. The scent of a real vanilla bean pod cracked open is exquisite, warm, and powerful. The flavor is the opposite of bland. It’s sexy. It mixes beautifully with coconut, butter, and lavender. Just a touch of vanilla added to your cooking can take a dish from good to sumptuous. I’m not even going to start on what the scent can add to your beauty routine. I think you get my point.

So in defense of vanilla, here’s a few of my favorite things in vanilla flavor.

From left, clockwise: GUD Vanilla Flame Bath & Body (available at Target), Profumi Di Firenze Vaniglia, Vanilla Cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes, Nielsen Massey Vanilla, Illume Boulangerie Vanilla & Fig, Lavanila Deodorant, Laduree vanilla macaron


Happy Birthday Harry!

Any good Harry Potter fan knows that July 31st is not only Harry Potter’s birthday, but J.K. Rowling’s birthday, too. In honor of them both, we’re watching the Sorcerer’s Stones tonight and indulging in some Potter inspired goods.

Above: Hogwarts House Banner Posters, Chocolate Frog, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Wizard Bunting, Wand Remote, Butterbeer & Butterbeer Cupcake

Happy Weekend: 07/27/12

It’s the weekend already?! I’m ready for tonight’s opening ceremonies. Speaking of the UK, I’m having a wicked craving for fish & chips! Anyone have a good recipe?

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On the Jacobite: Riding the Hogwarts Express

Did you know that the train in Harry Potter is a real functioning steam train? The Hogwarts Express is actually the Jacobite of West Coast Railways. Located in Scotland, where much of the scenery for the movies were taken, the train departs from Fort William and takes a beautiful scenic route up to the seaside town of Mallaig.

Being huge Harry Potter fans, we HAD to take this train. It also happened to be mine and Aidan’s first time on a train, which made it all the more magical. I was surprised Continue reading