30 Days of Thanksgiving – Day 3: Books

In the month of November, I’m meditating on my gratitude for something different each day.

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Books via Bits of BeautyIt’s no secret that I love books. I can easily devour a sizable novel in a few hours and a series in a matter of days. I have a very healthy appetite for the written word, especially when it’s bound between two beautifully designed covers. So here is a thank you to to the oft underpaid authors, editors, and cover artists who spend long days into the deep night creating my favorite escape.

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Happy Birthday Harry!

Any good Harry Potter fan knows that July 31st is not only Harry Potter’s birthday, but J.K. Rowling’s birthday, too. In honor of them both, we’re watching the Sorcerer’s Stones tonight and indulging in some Potter inspired goods.

Above: Hogwarts House Banner Posters, Chocolate Frog, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Wizard Bunting, Wand Remote, Butterbeer & Butterbeer Cupcake

{bookworm: encyclopedia of the exquisite}

“…with searching, beauty can be found in the most unlikely places, folly is essential, and luxury doesn’t mean spending lots of money.”

– Jessica Kerwin Jenkins, Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

In the Introduction of the Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, Jessica Kerwin Jenkins calls her book an “ode to life’s many luxuries that don’t require much spending.” Inspired by a file kept on her desk filled with scraps which she titled ‘Why I Like It Here,’ ‘here’ being Earth, Jenkin’s book is a delightful collection of tidbits and anecdotes of the origins and evolutions of its subjects. Covering anything that peaked her interest from the history of Champagne to giant elephant shaped buildings to the royal origins of a pear, Jenkins makes each one magical and exotic. The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is a collection of curiosities – a veritable treasure box filled with the whims and tasteful objects collected by the author whose own taste led her to a career as an editor for WWD, W in Europe, and now places her as a contributor to Vogue.

Jenkins said her editor, Nan Talese, insisted that the book’s design live up to it’s title. The result is just over 300 pages of beautiful details. The book is, indeed, exquisite. It’s beautifully illustrated and the pages are a reminder why some books should always be experienced in physical form; reading this book in digital form would be a sin.

A beautiful edition to any bookshelf or coffee table and an absolute treat to read, the Encyclopedia of the Exquisite makes a splendid and affordable gift. Pick up a few for your holiday gifts and, of course, one for yourself.

{great gatsbys!}

coralie bickford smith fitzgerald

coralie bickford smith fitzgerald

coralie bickford smith fitzgerald gatsby

coralie bickford smith

Coralie Bickford Smith strikes again, leaving me dumbstruck and utterly in lust. I’ve sincerely been rendered desperate for these. I’m an absolute fool for Fitzgerald, so imagine my condition in seeing him wrapped up in metallic, deco perfection. {My eternal gratitude to anyone who can point me to a retailer who will sell these to me.}


I have found that the books are available for pre-order through Waterstones, so I’ve listed the link and ISBN to each one below. It is my experience that the books become available in Canada for a much better price than the US or UK after being released through Waterstones. You can also type in the ISBN on Amazon and select to be e-mailed as soon as the books become available.

Tender is the Night – 9780141194066

The Great Gatsby – 9780141194059

Flappers & Philosophers – 9780141194103

This Side of Paradise – 9780141194097

The Last Tycoon – 9780141194080

Tales of the Jazz Age – 9780141197470

The Beautiful and the Damned – 9780141194073

{bookworm: queen of your own life}

Queen of Your Own Life landed in my mailbox a few weeks back. Within a few pages of the book, I could tell that I’m not the book’s target market. While the lessons in the book can be applied to any woman’s life,  the book is intended for women past their 40’s. I thought that perhaps the publisher had made a mistake in sending me the book or that I had missed something in the description when I first accepted to be sent a review copy. What to do?

Curious bookworm that I am, I went ahead and kept thumbing through the book. The book is filled with the authors’ honest accounts of the same insecurities of the women around me who’ve reached or passed midlife. These are the same woes that I so often wish didn’t affect my mother, sisters, and older friends. These inner demons and horrible outside forces that cause the fabulous women in our life to doubt themselves and feel insignificant are called out and dealt with. All neatly and simply laid out in Queen of Your Own Life.

It’s the perfect book to gift to a woman you adore. If you’ve ever wanted to tell your mom how fabulous she is and that her doubts about herself have no truth, give her this book.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and with it comes a chance to show the women we love so much that we think they’re queens. Take the chance.

{bookworm heaven}

I’m looking for your favorite local bookshops. I’d like to begin compiling a list. I especially love rare book sellers. I have nothing against big bookstores like b&n, as they do serve their purpose. However, there is nothing like a bookshop that is based on the personality and eccentricities of its owner. It’s a lifestyle, beyond a passion, for these bookshop owners and clerks. It reminds me of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: Sometimes, you walk into a bookstore and find three books you didn’t know you wanted.

Please list your favorite shops, no matter where in the world they are located, in the comments.
source unknown {hints welcome!}

{friday finds: nook covers}

I’ve just recently acquired a Nook through the generosity of my family members {barnes & nobles gift cards are the way to my heart}, so I’m exploring options to cover my new infatuation. The Kate Spade ones are lovely, yes. However, I’d like to keep it cute and frugal. If you know of any cute Nook covers, please let me know!

from b&n

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{bookworm: overnight socialite}

A few weeks back, I was sent a copy of The Overnight Socialite for review. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. You might be surprised by this, but I don’t read chick-lit that often. The book was pitched as a retelling of Pygmalion and, perhaps more familiar to you, My Fair Lady.

Chick-lit and Pygmalion? Together?


Skeptical me. Well, I’m happy to say that I liked the book. I’ve been sent some books that I disliked, even some that I disliked so much that I felt the need to give a not so stellar review instead of none at all. I hate doing that, but I must. So, I’m happy that my skepticism washed away when I opened up The Overnight Socialite. It was witty, fun, and not overdone. I feel like that genre has a ton of books that try to hard. This isn’t one of them. Bride Clark, the author, did a great job of making sure that the book had balance and a good flow. I read it straight through {which is always a good sign.}

You can read my review over at the Little Pink Book for more info. If you read the book, let me know what you think!