{bookworm: queen of your own life}

Queen of Your Own Life landed in my mailbox a few weeks back. Within a few pages of the book, I could tell that I’m not the book’s target market. While the lessons in the book can be applied to any woman’s life,  the book is intended for women past their 40’s. I thought that perhaps the publisher had made a mistake in sending me the book or that I had missed something in the description when I first accepted to be sent a review copy. What to do?

Curious bookworm that I am, I went ahead and kept thumbing through the book. The book is filled with the authors’ honest accounts of the same insecurities of the women around me who’ve reached or passed midlife. These are the same woes that I so often wish didn’t affect my mother, sisters, and older friends. These inner demons and horrible outside forces that cause the fabulous women in our life to doubt themselves and feel insignificant are called out and dealt with. All neatly and simply laid out in Queen of Your Own Life.

It’s the perfect book to gift to a woman you adore. If you’ve ever wanted to tell your mom how fabulous she is and that her doubts about herself have no truth, give her this book.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and with it comes a chance to show the women we love so much that we think they’re queens. Take the chance.

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